Our Services

Our focus is on preventive and restorative health, using modern techniques and materials that have sound supporting science.

Our Fees

We use the BC Dental Fee Guide for nearly all our services, including exams, dental hygiene, X rays, fillings, root canals, orthodontics and tooth extractions.

Your First Visit

At your first visit, we will do a comprehensive examination that includes:

  • Reviewing your medical and dental history
  • Taking digital photographs
  • Take the appropriate digital X-Rays
  • Examining the head, neck, teeth, gums, inside of the mouth and your bite. This includes a screening for oral cancer.

A 'dental cleaning' can usually be completed at this first visit depending on the condition of your teeth and gums. After gathering this information, we will work with you to find the 'Perfect Fit' care plan - one that suits only you!


At Orchid Dental we place a high value on preventing dental disease before it starts. This helps to avoid difficult and costly dental problems as well as to preserve the lifespan of fillings and crowns you may already have.

Dental Hygiene

Healthy teeth and gums require a clean mouth. We provide dental cleaning and home care advice to ensure you can eliminate the dangers of dental plaque.


These are thin plastic coatings that are painted onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth to prevent decay in deep grooves prone to decay.

Grinding Guards

Many people grind or clench their teeth while they are sleeping without being aware of these habits. Over years, this can cause considerable damage to the teeth and the bones that hold them in place. To prevent this damage, we can make a custom grinding guard that is worn nightly or even during the day to protect the teeth from chips and from being ground away.


We offer a selection of treatments and products to help with teeth that have become sensitive to heat, cold or sweets.

Restorative and Cosmetic

White fillings

Orchid Dental is a mercury-free dental office. This means we do not use silver filling material. We place 'white' fillings composed of a glass-filled resin matched to natural tooth colour. These fillings require less drilling than silver fillings. For larger fillings, we often recommend an 'inlay' or 'onlay,' which cover more of the tooth and are made in a local laboratory.


Crowns cover nearly the entire tooth and are very strong for the long term. They are necessary to repair seriously broken teeth, or to replace large fillings surrounded with decay. They can be made of all-porcelain, all-gold, or porcelain-coated gold.


Bridges are used to replace a lost or severely diseased tooth. This require placing crowns on the adjacent teeth with an artificial tooth spanning the empty space of the lost tooth. A bridge is permanently cemented in place, which makes it easier to live with than a denture


Dental Implants are often the ideal solution for replacing a lost tooth. The 'implant' is the artificial tooth root made of titantium. A crown is then made by a lab to custom match your teeth. The advantages of implants over bridges and dentures are: no need to cut other teeth, easier to keep it clean and disease-free, preserves more of your natural bone supporting your teeth, better long term prognosis than a bridge.

Tooth Whitening

The most common aesthetic request we get from our patients is to have whiter teeth. Tooth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that can enhance the beauty of your smile.


These are thin coverings attached to the front teeth to correct chipped, worn or misshapen teeth and to simply change them to a whiter colour. They can be sculpted by hand in our office using white filling material, or created in a lab from porcelain.



We offer the Invisalign system of clear alignment trays for treating misaligned teeth. This system eliminates the need for unsightly wires and brackets, and typically requires only 7-12 months to achieve great results.

Childrens Dentistry

We recommend that children start seeing a dentist between the ages of 2-3 years. Their first visit typically involves allowing them to playfully explore the dental office as they become comfortable with dental treatment. Our goal is to make your child's visit a positive experience for everyone.

Endodontics or 'Root Canal Therapy'

Sometimes the nerve within a tooth becomes infected and painful for a variety of reasons. Root canal treatment involves preserving the tooth by removing the infected tissues within it, and filling the disinfected space. This allows the tooth to stay in place, working normally.

Laser Gum Surgery

Lasers have revolutionized a number of minor gum surgery procedures, such as crown lengthening, removal of small lesions and separating 'frenum pulls' from the gums.

The advantage to using a laser compared to a scalpel and stitches are:

  1. the laser causes minimal or no bleeding, and
  2. the incision is instantly prepped for healing without stitches

We perform these procedures with our AMD Picasso diode laser.

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